Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kind of

I'm kind of writing. I wrote about 600 words one day this month. Not a lot, but still progress. I decided to join Tristi's writing challenge this month. You get to choose your own goal for the writing challenge.

My goal is 5000 words this month. That equals out to 166 words a day. It is about 1/3 to half a page of a single spaced typed page. It depends if there is more dialogue or description. I figure I will have roughly 10 more pages written. My starting word count is 18,097. So hopefully I will be at 23,097 at the end of April. If I really get the writing bug I hope to have even more words.

I honestly don't know if anyone reads this besides a few that have commented on the past. But for those of you who don't know, here is the breakdown of novels and word count. This website has some numbers that I imagine are probably pretty correct.

So if a basic goal is 80,000 words, then all I need is 57,000 more words. I can do it, right? Yes I can!

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