Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Doing It, I'm REALLY Doing It!

I am having so much fun. I'm actually writing. Consistently. Well, it's been 3 of 6 days this month. But still, it's more than I've done in probably a year. The more that I write, the more ideas that come to my mind.

I've got a good routine down. Do the chores here and there throughout the day. But when my son goes to school and the baby naps, I write. My four year old is still around, but she will play by herself or watch a TV show while I write. I put some music on and get to writing.

I've got 333 words written within the hour. I love the function "Word Count" on MS Word. I'm actually writing so much, that I'm going to write a Word Count on my WIP on a side bar. And it won't stay the same number all month. I think I may just blow my 5000 word count goal out of the water.

Sometimes I doubt myself when it comes to writing, but when I get like this I am just so happy. I absolutely love the feeling and it's a hard feeling to describe. I love to write. Even if I never get published, I LOVE to write. It's a good feeling to know what you want to do in life. :)

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