Friday, January 30, 2009

Life's Getting Crazy

I haven't written on here much, because life is getting more busy for me right now. I had a new baby on Jan 9th. I'm starting to get adjusted (as much as one can) to the sleepless nights. I'm a zombie for a few hours in the morning, and then my body wakes up the rest of the way after that.

I'm also feeling good enough now, that I am starting to clean and organize the house again. We are still working on remodeling the back bedroom. For now, my son and daughter are in one bedroom, and the baby is in our room. The back bedroom just needs muddding, painting, carpet, and trim. We knocked down the plaster walls, updated the electrical, put in new updated windows, and put up new walls. Well, I didn't, I was 8-9 months pregnant when the project was started.

I've decided I like a simple clean home. You may not know it by looking at some of the piles in our house. But I am going through everything and trying to objectively look at stuff and decide if I really want or need it. The DI has been getting stuff from me weekly, and I feel good getting rid of stuff.