Saturday, November 3, 2007

Motivation For Me

First off - I went to a cabin this weekend with friends. It was SO much fun. No kids, no husbands, just 5 out of 6 of our little group of best friends. We talked forever. Everyone was up there by 7:00 pm, and we talked until 4:00 am. We got up at 8:00 am, and kept on talking. We made cards, did crafts, played games - all while talking. We talked about life, kids, goals, families, trials. It was fun. And when I got back, I got to hear the excited "Hi Mommy!" from my kids.

Anyway, I took my novel up there. It's about 70 pages (considering 250 words a page). I told my friends that if anyone wanted to read it, they could. I wanted to make sure I was on track. I knew where I wanted the characters and plot to go, and wanted to make sure it was coming out right. The LOVED it. Which, of course, made me VERY happy. It's always nice to hear good things. They agreed with me with what I wanted to have happen in the story. They loved the characters.

And now I want to write even more. Sometimes you start doubting yourself. I can see the characters, feels the feelings, see the scenes in my mind. But getting them on paper has always been the hardest part for me. So knowing that I am doing a good job so far, motivates me on.

And the best part, is these friends of mine are really in the target audience I am writing for. And since they love it, I know that I am on track.

I really hope to get this published someday (sooner than later). But even if I never ever get published, I will be satisfied. If I know I did my best, gave it my all, and publishers just aren't taking it, I will be okay. But, hey, if my friends (target audience) love it, then I think I'll do alright.

Published is a goal, but not the dream. The dream is writing something that I can be proud of and that others can enjoy reading.


Josi said...

What a great weekend, and what great friends. There is nothing like that kind of feedback, it really does fuel you forward.

BTW--love the new background!

Paul West said...

Just dropping by to see who left such a nice comment on my blog site. What a beautiful blog site you've developed. I'm jealous, LOL.

Thank you for commenting on my site. I hope to see you there more often. I can tell you have some great ideas.