Sunday, November 18, 2007

Five Things Meme

This is my first tag I've gotten from blogging, so it's pretty neat. Thanks Tristi.

Five Things Found in My Room:

I am chosing my front room.

1) I have my new digital piano. It is my Christmas present, but I got it early. A friend needed to sell it and I wanted it. So we both made out well in the deal. I haven't had daily access to a piano for over 7 years and I've played the piano since I was little. So it is really exciting to finally be able to practice and play the piano whenever I want. The best thing about the piano is that it has a volume knob. The kids can play on it without driving me crazy. It is also one of those weighted keys that feel and sound just like a real piano. Best Present Ever.

2) My grandmother's sewing machine stand with sewing machine. Her sewing machine is actually inside the stand. It's one of those cool old ones that are black and sleek looking. It works, but it is rather loud. I preferred a newer one to sew with. I haven't actually sewn anything on it yet. It's tough to find time to sew with little ones around. I mostly will use it for craft projects, not making clothes. I can sew clothes, but don't enjoy it that much.

3)A wood burning stove. It's the type that isn't in the wall. It was fun to use it the first year we lived here, but then kids started coming, and I worry that they will touch it or trip and fall near it. Because there is a stove on that side of the room, there is also a rock wall on that side. I love the rock wall, and want one in my new house (whenever the new house happens).

4) Our entertainment stand. We got this from a friend for a good deal. (Notice we get lots of used stuff from friends. We've got some real good friends.) Anyway, it is solid wood, no particle board at all. It's tall, and has doors that shut, so you can hide the TV when you don't want to see it. It also has all the DVD, video games, VHS, etc up at the top. Our son used to put crackers in the slots, but now cannot reach them anymore. This will save us lots of money, because we won't have to replace stuff as much.

5) My two wonderful children. I say that, because I've just come from church, and am feeling uplifted still. But they really are good kids. They drive me crazy sometimes, but what 3 and 1 year old don't?

Five Things I've Always Wanted to Do:

1) Travel outside the U.S. I have been to Canada (BC area). But I would like to go to another continent.

2) Sing really well. I can sing okay. I'm not tone-deaf. But I wish I hadn't been so fearful of learning how to sing when I was little.

3) Be in a movie. I think it would be fun to have a small (VERY small) part in a movie. Maybe just be part of a family having a picnic in the park and the scene shows it for a second or two. Nothing huge, no speaking, but be able to say "I was in a movie."

4) Serve a mission. I hope that I will be able to go on a mission with my husband someday in the future.

5) Learn Web programming/design. I know some basic html, but I would love to be able to have my own website and be able to design it. I will make sure to have one with I am a published author. Or maybe before if I can find a website name I want.

Five Things Found in My Bag:

1) 2 Diapers (just in case for my 3 and 1 year old.. I don't carry a diaper bag around since I don't have a baby, but my kids are still little and in diapers.)

2) A Checkbook

3) Lotion

4) A toy car

5) Lots of receipts

Five Things Found in My Wallet:

1) A gift card to Meier and Frank that I have had for 7 years. I just haven't gone and used it. There is no expiration, so I haven't had an urgency to go and use it.

2) Change

3) No Cash

4) Health insurance cards

5) Papa Murphy's coupon card

Five Things I'm Currently Into:

1) Making cards.

2) Blogging.

3) Taking short walks (by myself - when I can). It's a good time to get away from the kids and house, while getting some exercise too.

4) I like to read books to fall asleep. Sometimes my mind in going a mile a minute, and focusing it to one thing helps me wind down.

5) Ribbon. I've never been that fond of ribbon. But ever since I've started making cards, I have been buying ribbon like crazy. I need to slow down.

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