Friday, April 30, 2010

Goal Meet

I made my monthly writing goal. I wrote a total of 5878 words. (Goal was 5000.) It was nice to take the time to actually write. It adds up slowly; but still, progress is progess.

One thing I've learned this month is to just get the story out. Don't worry about perfection. It may not come out on paper the way that I see it in my mind. But I need to get the plot line down, the characters in, the storyline there. After the story is written, I can go back and fine tune it. Find what works and what doesn't work.

I've decided that I need some writing goals if I ever want to finish the novel. So, for the month of May my goal is 2000. Not as high as last month's goal, but still something that will get me motivated to write.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Hit a Mark

Wow. Two blog posts in two days. That's a new one for me I think.

Anyway.. good news. I hit 20,000 words on my writing. To be more specific, 20013. Yay. Now it will be even more exciting when I hit my 30,000 word mark. I am definately going to blow my goal of 5000 words this month out of the water.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Doing It, I'm REALLY Doing It!

I am having so much fun. I'm actually writing. Consistently. Well, it's been 3 of 6 days this month. But still, it's more than I've done in probably a year. The more that I write, the more ideas that come to my mind.

I've got a good routine down. Do the chores here and there throughout the day. But when my son goes to school and the baby naps, I write. My four year old is still around, but she will play by herself or watch a TV show while I write. I put some music on and get to writing.

I've got 333 words written within the hour. I love the function "Word Count" on MS Word. I'm actually writing so much, that I'm going to write a Word Count on my WIP on a side bar. And it won't stay the same number all month. I think I may just blow my 5000 word count goal out of the water.

Sometimes I doubt myself when it comes to writing, but when I get like this I am just so happy. I absolutely love the feeling and it's a hard feeling to describe. I love to write. Even if I never get published, I LOVE to write. It's a good feeling to know what you want to do in life. :)