Monday, August 11, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

We're home! Finally!

When I find my camera cord, I will try and post some pictures of our home. Because of the fire and having to remodel the front room, we decided to just remodel the whole house. Well, the whole house except the bathroom and one bedroom. But we are planning on doing those two rooms now that we are back home.

Our house was initially built in 1911. It was 2 rooms. There have been two additions since then. When we bought the home, it was pretty ugly, but it was a good price and a home. It reeked of the 60-70's. The kitchen had orange, green, brown, yellow mixed thin carpeting. The cabinets were custom made probably in the 70's, and weren't all that great. The windows were randomly placed and all sorts of sizes. The carpet was worn and ugly. The only thing we had money to do when we bought it was to paint and re-carpet the baby's room.

Because of the fire we finally had a reason to remodel the house. We took the insurance money and did a lot of the work ourselves to be able to spread the money further over the house. We did have some money saved up too, and that helped. We were also in process of remodeling when we had the fire, so a lot of materials were bought, we just didn't have much time with 2 kids running around the house.

We still need to do a little of the finish work. Put up blinds, go pick up our new front door, put doorknobs on a few of the doors, etc. But it is so nice to be home.

We still need to do something to the outside. We need to decide to re-stucco or to do siding. So the inside looks really nice, and the outside looks like we are the poorest, most rednecked people ever. (We have our old toilet sitting in the driveway, waiting to be put in the truck so we can haul some stuff off to the dump.)

Now we just need to remodel the last bedroom. Which REALLY needs to be done by the end of the year, because ..... I'm pregnant. This will be child #3. Baby is due Jan 13th.

Anyway, so now I'm back to hopefully posting more often, and reading all the blogs I used to read often. Which is another reason I'm glad to be home. My parents still have dial-up. And my husband and I use the internet often, play games on the internet, get information on the internet, etc on the internet. I really missed high speed internet.

Anyway, long post again... Thanks for everyone that posted. Things are going great.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm so glad you're all right and that you're back in your house -- and congrats on the baby! Sounds like everything is falling back into place after your adventure.