Monday, May 16, 2011

It Comes and Goes

So my writing itch comes and goes. I wrote 15,000 words last month. I've barely touched my manuscript this month. I just need to make myself personal goals for writing more often.

Julie Coulter Bellon, a LDS author and also mother of 8 children started a new blog. She has something called First Page Friday. I decided to be bold and sent in the first page of one of my manuscripts. It's one that I put on the back burner, but still REALLY want to write. My creativity for it is worn out though. I've thought about taking the basic idea of it and completely re-writing it. I'd still use a bunch of the scenes and ideas that really seem to work. But some of it just doesn't flow right.

As for my personal life, I'm a little excited and a little not excited for school to be out. I have a routine down when my son is at school. When the baby (although she really is a toddler now, but I still think of her as my baby) goes down for a nap, I have one child home. She can stay somewhat quiet by herself. But with 2 kids home, they can make SO much noise. I will have to think of some good nap-time quiet activites for them to do.

Oh, and it's May 16th, and I am drinking hot chocolate and thinking about putting my housecoat on. My house is 64 degrees (had a window open and a fan blowing). I'm not ready for full on heat summer, but would like 70's degree Spring to stay.