Thursday, October 11, 2007

Potty Training :(

My son is 3 1/2 and we decided it was time to potty train him. From what I've read, he has every sign, except he doesn't care that he's wet in a diaper. He's been in underwear for 3 days now, and has not made it to the potty once. I bought plastic diaper covers though after 2 days, and it is the best purchase I've made.

But he doesn't quite get the connection that he needs to go in the potty. He'll let me know when he's already wet. I've noticed him a few times, where I thought he was about to go, so I rushed him to the potty and he had already gone. We have gotten him to where he wants to wear underwear (he cried about having to wear it at first). And he will occasionally say that he needs to use the potty. I make sure to praise him for trying, but he never actually goes when he sits on the potty.

PLEASE, anyone that has gone through potty training with a boy, please give me some advice. He's not exactly fighting potty training, but just not "getting" it.


Josi said...

I'm the world's worst potty trainer--truly--but I don't think believe there is potty training--they are ready when they are ready and until then it's "Mommy traning" meaning we are doing all the work. That said, my son couldn't go to pre-school until he could wear big-boy pants for 3 hours. I waited until he cared about this and then he would stay dry for 3 hours. Little by little he went longer and longer, but I let him choose when he wanted to put a pull-up back on. He was fully potty trained by 4 1/2 during the day, but it wasn't until he was 6 and had one of those beeper things at night before he could make it all night.

But, like I said, I'm the worlds worst potty trainer, so take my advice for what it's worth.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I fully conquer with Josi. Well, I usually agree with her anyway. :) If you are trying to get him to do it, you'll frustrate yourself, make yourself miserable, and you'll be hating life by the time you're done. I was getting migraines trying to train first DS, and my doctor finally told me to stop it. When my second son came, I didn't even broach the potty with him until he was 3 1/2. Then I got him a potty chair, said, "This is yours," and walked away. He looked at the picture on the box, sat down, and went potty. He's been dry ever since (well, we're still working on night.) Point is, it's better for both of you to wait. Don't let peer pressure talk you into doing before he's ready. It's okay to wait.

Now, the real reason I'm here. :) I'm gathering totals for the Book in a Month challenge. Did you do any writing with us or did you cheer us on from a distance? Can I have your totals to post on my list?

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

My sister has two boys, here is what she and I did.

She took them to the store and let them pick the big boy underwear they wanted.

She put cheerios in the toilet and had them aim at them.

She gave them a piece of candy every time they went to the bathroom in the toilet.

When my sister was on bedrest with her fourth pregnancy I had the joy of training the youngest boy by myself. We had a couple of mishaps, but all in all - Brigham was trained within two weeks. He still had the occasional accident, but it grew less and less.

Good luck with the potty training.

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Julie Wright said...

I have no advice only sympathy . . . and gratitude that my baby is now seven years old. Good Luck!!!!

Heather B. Moore said...

Just went through that in the Spring with my 3 year old. She is 3 1/2 now. I think my biggest help was involving the whole family and making a huge deal out of it. Lots of bribes. Maybe buying a jar of candy that is specially reserved for potty. Take a book into the bathroom and read to him while he sits. Sometimes they need to learn to "relax."

I planned on staying home for 3 days and focusing an the toilet training. That way you aren't throwing on a diaper to get into the car and confusing them.

Some of my kids really liked a movie called "Potty Time."

My first three kids trained during Christmas Break when we were just hanging around the house most of the time.

You can get the Superman or Batman underwear as an incentive.

Good Luck!

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

All the advice I have was already said by Candace and Heather, so this will just be a testimonial--it does eventually work. At least it did for me. But even using those reward techniques required following Josi and Tristi's suggestion to take the stress out of it, because until they understand what they're supposed to do and feel good about doing it, they will resist.
Good luck.

A.Riley said...

Thanks everyone for your input. We are taking a slight step backward. We've let him stay in pullups for a bit, and will keep him in them for a week or so.

While he's doing that, we are going to make sure we talk about underwear and how cool it is, and encourage him to try the potty, but not force. Try and get him to understand wet/dry, and how much better and easier it is to just use the potty. All the while, trying to make it a good experience for everyone.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

You probably already have this conquered, but I thought I would share my experiences anyway. I trained my son when he was just over 3 years old. He had absolutely no interest in learning, but I was expecting and didn't want to change 2 sets of diapers.

One morning I told him the diapers had run out. Boy was he mad. Talk about a temper tantrum. After the tantrum ended, I put his potty chair in front of the t.v. and turned on a movie. He had to sit on the chair. He didn't do anything for a long time, but I just kept giving him juice and water until he finally went. Because he was already sitting on the potty, it wasn't an accident. You should have seen the light go on in his eyes. He never had an accident and that night even insisted on wearing his big boy pants to bed. He never wet the bed either. I don't teach the boys to aim when they are little. I figure they pick up that skill eventually and when they are little it is so much easier for them to just sit.